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TokyoHot Movie Info: Abnormal Masochist The masochist woman of the service enthusiast was captured. It is AYA KISAKI who provokes excitement by a smallish pussy on a slender body. The atmosphere as the young lady who is elegant in celebrities contrary to masochist is also attractive. The gap between calm appearance and the gap with the animated cartoon voice are unbearable too. It gang up to insult her after she is made to serve severely. AYA who is pierced by many cocks and writhes and goes mad ******* to urination. It trained her to the ultimate meat slave who expands a wet vaginal orifice and pleads for cock round the clock. It is extreme popularity for a woman not to mention a man. AYA of the charisma model receives the interview of the magazine. She recollects old days while talks about the secret to keep the beauty. She recalls the past that went out with a disgusting man. She does the masturbation on the bed and provokes the boyfriend. It is made careful licking service personally and she is felt it. She faints in agony and gets acme and entreated him to lick the anal. It is an impact at the transformation when she requested him to lick anal though a disgusting ugly boyfriend far from the charisma model's image is a surprise. And the tongue is put in the anal and she is felt it after it is licked persistently. The ball bag is continuously licked immediately after it is thought that cock was fingered and licked. She also licked anal of boyfriend and discharges saliva. It is a terrible abnormal woman. And she sucks cock deliciously. Then cock inserted at missionary posture and continuously posed at sit & woman on top posture and she blots the cloudiness joy juice and ejaculates. The indecent waist swing in the backward woman on top posture is must see! And then it is vaginal cum shot at missionary posture. She squeezes semen carefully by the cleaning fellatio just after that. She loves cock & semen. It is the expression that seems to be satisfactory seriously. AYA recollects old times further continuously. Play to which the masochist was made to flower is recalled. She is made to sit straight in front of the lover and there are friends of lover in by the side. She is made to suck the cock of lover in front of unfamiliar men. Immediately after she sucks cock of loverfs friend by the standing fellatio. She licks anal of friends who become crawl on all fours after it is made the lick of the ball bag. It is humiliating play. And it is bound hand in the back and clitoris is stimulated with the rotor toy. She noisily and faints in agony and she is made acme. Immediately after it is the electric massage machine act and she rages again and ejaculates & gets acme. And the bibs toy is put in the pussy by crawl on all fours and it is stirred. Immediately after she has a desire to urinate and she crouches down on a chair and made PISS SHOT. 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The cock inserted in the pussy and there are three vaginal cum shot. It is seven semen direct hits at vaginal orifice. The pussy is already muddy much by the semen of ten totals. Immediately after AYA crouches down and holds out. The semen flows backward with an obscene sound. Does not this woman have shame? The recollection ends here. The interview is finished and AYA goes to the favorite beauty treatment salon. AYA is made facial cum shot & mouthful cum shot by three cocks. It is two for face and one for. AYA voluntarily spread semen all over the face and get great satisfaction. The semen extract is a secret of beauty. After this AYA is elected to the semen packing & vaginal cum shot recommendation committee and acts aggressively. However the appearance of AYA who is made vaginal cum shot in the presence of others by unfamiliar men is seen and the fan leaves and popularity falls sharply. She lives eating semen in the toilet of the TOKYO HOT now. n0670 Kisaki Aya Aya Kisaki New Original Movie High-End Actress Bukkake Creampie Piss masterbation Gangbang Toys speculum mouth ejaculation Cleaning fellatio Pussy Bukkake Strap Hand Job Semen poured Bondage Vibration Machine Bukkomi Licking women anal Licking the anus of the man Casual Wear Dカップ 大阪府 読書・料理 クラッシックバレエ
Models:Aya Kisaki Categories:Bukkake Gang bang Toys Oral masterbation Creampie SM Anal Series:New Original Movie High-End Actress Studio:Tokyo-Hot Release Date:2011/08/26 Duration:01:45:04 Product ID: n0670
Tokyo-Hot 東京熱 奉仕好きのマゾ女が捕獲されました。スレンダーボディに小さめ炉利マンが興奮を誘う希咲あやです。マゾな内面とは裏腹にセレブでエレガントなお嬢様という雰囲気も濃厚。落ち着いた外見とアニメ声とのギャップもたまりません。散々奉仕させた後は鬼畜全員で寄って集って陵辱。大量のチンポに貫かれ悶え狂った希咲は排尿まで晒す有様。ヌルヌルの膣口を拡げ四六時中チンポをねだる究極の肉奴隷に調教してやりました。 男はもちろん女にも大人気。カリスマモデルの希咲は雑誌のインタビューを受ける。美を保つ秘訣について話す一方で昔を回想。キモい男と付き合っていた過去を思い出す。ベッドの上でオナニーして相手を挑発。直にクンニされ激しく感じる。悶絶してイッてしまい男にアナルを舐めて欲しいと懇願。カリスマモデルのイメージからは程遠い不細工なキモい彼氏にも驚きだがアナル舐めを要求する変態ぶりにも衝撃。そしてしつこく舐められた後舌を肛門の中に刺し込まれさらに感じまくる。 続いてチンポを弄くりまくり咥えるかと思った直後タマしゃぶり。男のアナルもベロベロに舐めまくる。よだれダラダラ。とんでもない変態女だ。そしてチンポをパクリ。美味しそうにしゃぶり倒す。続いて正常位で生チンポを捩じ込まれる。座位。騎乗位。白濁愛液を滲ませて絶叫。背面騎乗位での卑猥な腰振りは必見!そして正常位で生中出し。直後のお掃除フェラでは丁寧なザーメン搾り取り。チンホ大好き。ザーメン大好き。本気で満足そうな表情だ。 続いて希咲はさらに昔を回想。マゾを開花させられたプレイを思い出す。愛人の前で正座させられ傍らには愛人の友人達。見ず知らずの男達の前で愛人のチンポをしゃぶらされる。直後愛人の友人達のチンポも仁王立ちフェラ。タマも舐めさせられた後四つん這いになった友人達のアナルをペロペロ。屈辱的なプレイだ。そして後ろ手で縛られクリをローターで刺激される。脚をバタつかせて悶絶。無理矢理イカされる。直後電マで責められ再び暴れまくり絶叫してイッてしまう。そして四つん這いでマンコにバイブを刺し込まれ掻き回される。 直後尿意を催し椅子の上にしゃがみ込んで放尿!少量のおしっこを男達の目の前で排泄。変態の上にはしたない。どうしようもないマゾ女だ。直後クスコを挿入され愛液まみれの子宮口も晒される。そして3本のチンポを次々とフェラ。両手を縛られているため口だけのおしゃぶりが卑猥。よだれを垂らしながらチュパチュパ。3本同時に舐めさせられる場面も。続いてバックでチンポを放り込まれる。背面騎乗位。側位。騎乗位。屈曲位。何度もピストンされ感じまくり。そして正常位で生中出し。直後2本目が挿入され正常位でザーメン注入。続いて3本目も正常位で生ハメ。グチョグチョのマンコを散々突きまくられ生中出し。 直後別の男達がマンぐりポーズの希咲のマンコ目掛け次々と射精。チンホを刺し込み膣内射精3発。膣口目掛けザーメン直撃7発。合計10発のザーメンでマンコドロドロ。直後希咲はしゃがみ込み踏ん張る。卑猥な音とともにザーメンが逆流!この女には羞恥心が無いのか!ここで回想は終了。インタビューも終え希咲は行き付けのエステへ。チンホ3本が次々と希咲に顔面&口内発射。顔面2発。口内1発。希咲は自ら顔全体にザーメンを塗り込み大満足。ザーメンエキスが美の秘訣だ。 この後希咲はザーメンパック&中出し推奨委員に選ばれ精力的に活動。しかし見ず知らずの男達に人前で中出しされる希咲の姿を見てファンは離れ人気急落。現在は東熱のトイレでザーメンを食べて生活している。
プレイ内容: ブッカケ 3P~複数プレイ オモチャ・異物挿入 フェラ オナニー 中出し SM アナル タグ: 顔に精液 中出し 小便 オナニー 輪姦中出し オモチャ責め クスコ膣内見せ 口内射精 お掃除フェラ マンコぶっかけ 拘束・拘束具 テコキ発射 精液流し込み・押込み 緊縛 電気アンマ 汁男優連続膣内射精 女のアナルを舐める 女が男のアナル舐める シリーズ : New Original Movie High-End Actress レーベル: Tokyo-Hot

Date: September 17, 2018

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