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Incredible cockpit footage of MiG-29 at Fairford Air Tattoo RIAT

Many thanks to Tim Middleton, ReplayXD, The Media Group and The Polish Air Force

Incredible new footage has been released to show the work of a fighter jet pilot as he performs an acrobatic display over the Cotswolds. The Polish Air Force Mikoyan MiG-29 flown by Pilot Capt Adrian Rojek is captured on camera doing rolls and high g-force turns at the Fairford Airshow watched by 130,000 visitors. Fast jet pilots are trained to do special clenches and breathing to avoid the risk of g-force induced lack of consciousness (GLOC) they also wear special clothing. The Russian built fighter jet can fly at Mach 2.25 and has a top speed of almost 1500 miles per hour making it a giant among modern-day combat jets. All the footage was captured on the new Replay XD camera which is so small it can be mounted in places where cameras have not been able to film before. A complete DVD of all the action at the 2013 airshow is available to pre-order at www.airshowdvds.co.uk.

Опубликовал Игорь Молд , 22.07.2013 в 10:53


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